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"I would like to commend Jan London on her artistry and creativity in bringing a new and different concept of restoring furniture.  Her exhibits are packaged into a complete vignette
with a storytelling theme.  The pieces are truly unique and mind-blowing as it meets one eye. 
I met Jan just a few weeks ago as a Realtor assisting in finding a store to showcase her work. She displayed some of her samples and I was hooked.  Her contagious personality also complemented her artistry. Jan’s vignette display inspired me to redecorate my home especially with her assistance and expertise: Also, staging homes for sale.  I can’t wait for
her long-awaiting talent to be discovered in the Interior Designing Arena. Jan London is truly
an Interior Designer Extraordinaire."

Look out world, Jan London is on the Rise with something New and one of a kind….

- Juanita Sharperson, Realtor



“Jan has always had a sense of style, creativity and vision.  Her knowledge of interior design has helped me create aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and intimate environments in my home.  Her expertise in design has continued to play an important
part in my daily living as I moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta, back to Philly, and now
in Delaware.”

- Betty Hite 



A year ago, I moved to Georgia and was looking for help infringing that final touch to my great room.  However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to get professional help virtually.  While searching, I found Jan of J. London Refine & Design in Pennsylvania. 

Jan worked with me virtually from her studio by selecting certain pieces of furniture and giving me advice on what does and doesn’t work.  After one meeting with Jan, I knew she understood my needs despite being in different states. It’s really been a pleasure to work with J. London Refine & design.  What a Delight!  K. Sumter

- Kathr
ine Sumter




I have used Jan London Refine & Design for a couple of years and have always been highly satisfied with her work. She and I went shopping for some chairs. I had no idea
what to do and she picked these out for me and I fell in love with them. She is a very professional lady with many great ideas. She has done a lot of work for me and 
I highly recommend her. Jan is the one...If you want the job done.

- L. Williams, Philadelphia




When I had my two favorite chairs upholstered little did I know how designer extraordinaire, Jan London would redesign my living room into this classy room!

- Constance

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